Your Instructor

Melissa Congdon, M.D.

Dr. Congdon practiced general pediatrics in Glendale, California and Mill Valley, California for 18 years until severe fibromyalgia symptoms forced her to retire from medical practice in 2008. Her diagnosis led her to a comprehensive study of the various treatment options for fibromyalgia. Using a combination of diet, exercise, acupuncture, supplements, medications, the guaifenesin protocol, and other modalities, she was able to return to medical practice in 2009, and chose to become a fibromyalgia consultant. She trained with fibromyalgia expert and author Dr. R. Paul St. Amand, Internist, Endocrinologist, and Associate Professor at the Harbor UCLA Medical Center.

Since 2009 Dr. Congdon has treated hundreds of children and adults with fibromyalgia. She has delivered the keynote address at both the Hawaii and Colorado Springs Fibromyalgia Summits, and has been interviewed on two podcasts. Dr. Melissa Congdon is board certified in pediatrics, and sees children and adults in her fibromyalgia and pediatric consulting practice.